Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hello everyone, so I apologize for not blogging all summer and things have been crazy with school starting. I am the school's web curator, the lead teacher of my grade level team and this year I have taken on the responsibilities of Head AR (union rep) for my building and I am part of the technology team in my building. So, I apologize for not connecting... I will try to keep up this with blogging this year!

I am so excited that our school and district is moving up with technology. We have done away with our desktops in our room and each teacher has a new MacBook Air. We also got new interactive projectors and printers in all of our building. We have carts with laptops for our students to be shared between three classes. Unfortunately, we do not have computer teachers in our district anymore, they were cut/rifted about three years ago. I definitely valued their expertise and ability to teach students and now we are all trying to figure out how to help our students to become technologically literate at the same time we are also learning. My classroom also has a smart table which I have to learn to use.
It is exciting but scary..........I have been busy exploring links on pinterest and I want to share a few with you all today!

This site on Squidoo had tons of educational games and lessons for K- 5!

Dreambox was great for mathematics resources as well. What I liked was that it was broken down by standard, so I knew by introducing this game I was covering a direct standard! There were several grade levels that you can access!

What I want to know is what digital tools and resources do you use?

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