Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love 100th Day!

A sampling of our Hundredth Day Projects today! 

We had pajama day today and I was so comfy in my leopard print jammies. The kids were very excited from the moment they walked in the class and I had to keep them in check periodically. I was exhausted by snack time because we were trying to fit in our 100th day projects and Valentine's Day projects, not to mention double specials today. It would have been less stressful had I been at school the day before. Who knew that teachers would sometimes prefer NOT to have preps!  Well somehow we managed and the projects turned out well! My husband also sent flowers to work and the kids loved them as much as I did. Love the hubby for his thoughtfulness! A major shout out to him yesterday for helping me assemble all the valentine's favors for the kiddies!

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