Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crazy Week!

Valentine's Day and 100th Day, on one day! Trying to get fancy, learning how to change the layout of my blog. How do they add all those cutsie titles and stuff? I am the web curator of my school's website but that's easy compared to this! technically challenged. How do I customize? Anyways on the school realm. This week is going to be great. Tuesday is the 100th day of school, a huge deal for kinders! We will make our projects, complete a variety of literacy and mathematics activities. If that was not enough, it is also Valentine's day....a double whammy! We are going to be wearing our PJ's all day! I have leopard print fuzzy ones this year. Tomorrow I'll be at our district math committee meeting and while I know we're doing important business, I rather be in class with my kiddos. To top it all off, we are going to have a lamb visit the Kindergarten classes on Thursday. What a crazy week right?

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