Friday, March 9, 2012

Building Words Freebie for you!

Well this week flew by! Exciting work being done all around. In my school Kindergarten does not receive academic intervention services due to the fact that K is NOT a compulsory grade level. So, my awesome principal and direct supervisor wrote a grant and we have set up a K tutorial in the mornings targeting specific skills for literacy and math. The students arrive 8:00 instead of 8:50 for school two mornings a week, and we work in small groups to help "lift their levels" of performance and proficiency. On Fridays we have a planning meeting where we discuss the strategies that have been working in our groups. I shared the following worksheet with my colleagues and I am going to share it  with you as well. 

This activity is designed to be used with square letter tiles or magnetic letters; however it can be used "as is" and students can write in the letters into the CVC word boxes. As a reading specialist, I learned that students need to learn to manipulate the sounds or phonemes of words. This type of activity is better to use than teaching word families because students learn to manipulate the beginning AND ending sounds instead of memorizing a rhyme. Eventually students can change the medial sound as well. This product has worksheets for short a, e, i, o and u. This can be used as an independent activity OR as a guided activity where the teacher can determine the letter sound and position to build new CVC words. This builds reading and writing skills and promotes higher order thinking. Enjoy! Please follow my blog or TPT page if you decide to download this worksheet and feel free to give feedback to this product! 

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