Friday, March 9, 2012

The Lorax

Today was the last day of our Dr. Seuss festivities. We read the story The Lorax and completed some activities. In honor of this book, we as a school community made a commitment to the environment and pledged ways that we can keep our earth healthy and clean. We put our ideas on truffula leaves and adorned the school. Each grade level had a different colored truffula leaf and on Friday our school bloomed! We took a moment to take our classes into the hallway and posted our contributions. The students were so proud of their truffula leaves!

 Our K class was also asked to be part of a special composting experiment. We put our organic scraps from snack and lunch in a compost pail. We weighed our pail and it had 10 lbs in one day- That's 10 lbs away from the trash and landfills! Then I took the class to the composter and we went through the steps of composting. I told them that our compost would eventually become the rich soil that we would use to plant our vegetables and herbs later in the spring. 


  1. Hi Jaya - so glad I found you...I'm your newest follower. I just love Dr. Seuss Day - Come on over to my blog I recently posted pictures from Dr. Seuss Day and I'm having a LUcky 300 giveaway!
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    1. What a great idea! I can't believe the compost was 10lbs. I never realized what a difference it could make! I'm going to pass along your project to our science specialist over at PGM!